Dr Judy Crates, Principal Castro School says:

Testimonial :
"Buddies4Math offers Castro at-risk students the opportunity to experience math as a recreational activity, not just a class at school. Dedicated volunteers from local middle and high schools work in small group activities in math concepts and applications with third and fourth graders every Friday afternoon. Our students look forward to the session and it's amazing to see how excited and engaged they are in math. Not only has the program changed student's attitudes and improved their confidence about math, but their math achievement on state tests has also improved. Our Latino students gained 64 points on the API last year, contributing to a 43 point gain for the school."
Dr Judy Crates, Principal Castro School.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week of December 4th : Viewing Party & Math Carnival

On December 4th, we hosted our first Scratch Viewing Party at Crittenden Middle School. Students of sixth, seventh & eighth grade presented their Digital Card projects to the class. Students had created interesting Happy Birthday, Halloween, Christmas and other such cards. Students introduced their digital cards by explaining what they had designed, how the design process worked, areas of difficulty, parts they really liked and the iterations they went through to create their card. It was an impressive showing of their digital card collection. We will be posting snapshots of their creations next week. We ended the session with donuts for all our talented computer designer buddies! A special shout out to Auston & Sreya for running the Scratch sessions in Castro and Crittenden Schools.

On Friday, December 6th we hosted our much loved and awaited event the Math Carnival. We hosted second and third grade in the Multi Purpose Room in Castro School. Uday, Ethan & Sawyer arrived early to help set up the tables and move the Carnival supplies to the tables.  Katie & Raghav worked with Abby, Anubhav, Arundhati, Anuva, Wings, Auston, Drew & Skyler to set up 5 game stations.
Eric took charge of organizing second and third grade into small groups and came up with a rotation schedule for them during the Carnival. Sreya & Eric assigned tutors to groups and each tutor lead their group through their rotations. The Math Cafe, Toss the Can, Bingo, Puzzles, Addition/Multiplication War were all popular stations with the second and third grade. Students won prizes and had the opportunity to buy snacks from the Math Cafe.

Principal Lambert, Ernesto Nassau and Erika Navarro all stopped by to enjoy the fun and games at the Math Carnival.

Thank you to our wonderful Middle and High school volunteers for making the Math Carnival a success !
Abby Muthu, Angela Leong, Anuva Ganapathi, Anubhav Jaiswal, Auston Lee, Arundhati Suresh, Brent Han, Brian Kang, Catherine Ling, Drew Bent, Eric Foster, Ethan Dennis, Justin Lim, Katie Chess, Marina Brogley, Minki Kim, Prajwal, Raghav, Sawyer Anderson, Skyler Maeso, Sreya Guha, Tejas Vasudev, Udai Pai, Wings Yeung & Xilin Choi.

A special thanks to all our buddies in Castro and Crittenden School for making thank you cards for all the tutors. We were touched by the drawings, the words and the sentiments expressed in the cards !

Happy Holidays !

We will resume tutoring in January.....
Posted by Neel Guha