Dr Judy Crates, Principal Castro School says:

Testimonial :
"Buddies4Math offers Castro at-risk students the opportunity to experience math as a recreational activity, not just a class at school. Dedicated volunteers from local middle and high schools work in small group activities in math concepts and applications with third and fourth graders every Friday afternoon. Our students look forward to the session and it's amazing to see how excited and engaged they are in math. Not only has the program changed student's attitudes and improved their confidence about math, but their math achievement on state tests has also improved. Our Latino students gained 64 points on the API last year, contributing to a 43 point gain for the school."
Dr Judy Crates, Principal Castro School.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week of Nov 20th.....

On Wednesday, Auston and Sreya were at Crittenden Middle School. Students spent the class time working on their Digital Card project using Scratch. On Dec 4th, we will be hosting a Viewing Party where the Digital Card projects of 6th-8th grade will be showcased.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Erika Navarro, BTB Supervisor at Mountain View- Whisman School District and Hayley Malcolm and BTB staff for their support and encouragement for the Scratch programing class at Crittenden Middle School.

On thursday, Sreya lead the Fifth grade to work on their Digital Greeting Card project. Students elected to work in groups or by themselves to create animated greeting cards.

We are gearing up for our Math Carnival on Friday December 6. Volunteers met on Friday to plan the logistics and details of the Math Carnival. Please stay tuned for our Spring session dates.

Happy Thanksgiving !

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week of Nov 13...

In Castro School, Pratik, Alice & Stephanie led a group of 5th graders to create their own math board games. Students were shown samples and given guidelines. This class has been mentored by Buddies4math since 2010, so they are very familiar with the concept of math games. Enthusiastic students formed groups and discussed math concepts, game strategies and got to work on their board games. Stay tuned, we will be posting the math games here soon....

In Scratch, Ashmita worked with the Fourth graders on their project to create Digital  Greeting Cards. Groups of students brainstormed ideas for the card and drew sketches of what they wanted to create. Teams of students then started using the programing blocks in Scratch to create their animated cards.

On Friday, we had second grade and third grade working with their buddies on addition, subtraction, multiplication and fraction games.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week of Nov 6....

Auston led  a group of middle school students to start the Digital Greeting Card project. Students were formed into groups and asked to brainstorm ideas about the theme and format of their digital card using Scratch.

In Castro School, Neil organized the tutors and 5th graders to rotate through stations to play fraction games.  We introduced new board games we bought thanks to the Gunn @ Your Service grant awarded to Neel Guha.

Sreya led the fourth graders in a Scratch session and introduced the Digital Greeting Card project. Students followed Sreya as she created a Halloween Card using Scratch. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week of Oct 30th......

We tutored second and third graders on Friday Nov 1st in Castro School.

Uday, Eric and Auston led a group of second graders in a group game of addition; "I am.... Who is...? We moved inside the classroom after Sreya paired each of the tutors with their second grade buddies. Second graders worked their way through addition games. Some worked their way through games that worked on addition facts to 10 while others moved on to mastering addition facts to 18 and 20.

In third grade, we decided to have students rotate among stations. Wings & Katie set up a hands on fraction tossing game outside the classroom. Clearly the most popular rotation of the hour. Inside the classroom, tutors worked with third graders on multiplication, fraction and place value games.