Dr Judy Crates, Principal Castro School says:

Testimonial :
"Buddies4Math offers Castro at-risk students the opportunity to experience math as a recreational activity, not just a class at school. Dedicated volunteers from local middle and high schools work in small group activities in math concepts and applications with third and fourth graders every Friday afternoon. Our students look forward to the session and it's amazing to see how excited and engaged they are in math. Not only has the program changed student's attitudes and improved their confidence about math, but their math achievement on state tests has also improved. Our Latino students gained 64 points on the API last year, contributing to a 43 point gain for the school."
Dr Judy Crates, Principal Castro School.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oct 29, 2010: Session 1

Buddies 4 Math
Session 1: Oct 29, 2010


Please remember to bring your signed forms with you to the first session. There will be a sign in sheet in the classroom. Remember to sign in. There will be a short orientation for the tutors about the format of the session and the games to be played. While the tutors have their orientation, the kids will play a group game that emphasizes number sense. Tutors are encouraged to lead group games at the start of each session.

If you are unable to come to a session, please call and let us know. Our kids are counting on you!!!


  • One or Two students will be assigned to each tutor.
  • As a tutor, remember to be friendly, helpful and respectful of your younger buddies.
  • You will be their mentors and they will model your behavior.
  • Our format will be to play a variety of games in which arithmetic skills are reinforced.
  • You will be given a plan to follow in the session. It will include instructions and material for the games.
  • While playing games, be encouraging and help your student get to the answer.
  • Look for ways to make it fun for them to play the game. Be creative!

 At the end of the session, you will be asked to evaluate your students.
  • How did they do?
  • Are they fluent with their math facts?
  • What are their strengths in this game?
  • Which games did you play this session?
  • Do they work well with their partner?
  • Are both students at the same level?
  • Where do they need the most help?
  • Which area would you like to review next session?
  • Were the games easy or hard?

Have fun !